The Big Relaunch and Some Changes

Posted on May 24 2016

Your may have noticed a new look to the website. It's a little cleaner and easier to navigate. You may have also noticed that we got rid of the purses, women's line and the various kids jewelry styles e.g. pompom bracelets and necklaces. Why? Well, we decided to focus on our bestseller and what we are really good at -- the tassel bib necklaces and the tiny charm necklaces.

What you see in store now is part of the permanent collection. The unicorn, ballerina, mermaid and baby deer that you see on the bibs were designed by us, and manufactured from wax models created by a talented artist. We love them, and hope you do too! We hope to keep growing this tassel bib charm collection for seasons to come, and always welcome your ideas and wishes! 

The tassel bib colors currently offered are THIS summer's colors. Some will stay, some will go as seasons change. So if you are considering mint or coral -- get it now, it might get replaced by eggplant and teal in the fall! When you shop, pick your tassel color AND your clasp, magnet is great but we recommend lobster clasp for our younger fans (the ones with grabby hands).

In addition to what you see now, we will be releasing mini collections every 2-3 weeks throughout the summer. These will be limited edition charm necklaces and some bib styles (hint: think cherry bib for 4th of July!). 

The charm chain necklaces are made to order, and if you would like a purple tassel and pink bead with your unicorn or kitten -- give us a shout! We love custom orders!

There will be a separate blog post about discount codes e.g. for signing up for newsletter and for buying more than 2 items. But because we love you guys, we are offering free USPS First Class mail shipping on all US orders over $30! Yay! 

For all international shipping, we ask you to shop through our Etsy store, the processing is easier at this point. We are excited to offer this option, and love our fans in all part of the globe. 

That's it for now! 


the gemma+filo girls



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