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Five Feather Inspired Costumes Your Little Ghoul is Sure to Love

Posted on October 17 2019

Fall is one of the most enchanting times of the year. The heat of the summer begins to fade. Golden hues of light kiss the crisp Autumn leaves and there is no question why people go crazy with Pumpkin Spice Scented EVERYTHING! 

We all fall for Fall!

5 feather inspired costumes your little ghoul is sure to love
As the clock strikes midnight on October 1st, the holiday seasons are pinned to your boards waiting for your command. First up, and the most fun of them all is Halloween! And you can’t have Halloween without costumes. 
No doubt, most of you have already ordered your little darlings a custom-made costume and have been stalking those tracking numbers for weeks!

For that, we applaud you! 

But what if you are a last-minute Millie and need a little creativity boost to avoid wrapping your little sweetie in toilet paper and calling it a night? Well have no fear Millies, we have your back!

We wanted to share with you these Gemma+Filo inspired costumes from our Feather Collection that we think your little ghoul is sure to love!



The Sweetie Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull Black Feather Necklace

This sweet inspiration is perfect for trick-or-treating or celebrating
Dia De Los Muertos 
This look has all the sugar skull feels without the face paint. The flower headband is a quick and easy DIY craft that can be easily be adorned to feel chic or unique!

Paired with a black tutu, The Black Feather Necklace pulls the entire look together. Your little lady is sure to look absolutely ghoulish, in the sweetest of ways!


The Raven

The Raven Black Feather Necklace

This look is ideal for little ones wanting to participate that may have sensory issues with itchy costumes and face paints.

 When paired with a black dress and felt mask, the Black Feather Necklace takes this easy-to-do costume up a notch. No doubt this is the perfect look for the class party or the pumpkin patch.

Jill Skellington

Kill Skellington Black Feather Neckalce
Everyone will hail to the pumpkin queen as your little one walks the streets with this adorable take on Jack Skellington. This charming little striped romper really does bring this look home, but what if you don’t have time for custom creations?
No worries! Grab a spare long-sleeved black shirt, white fabric paint, and a brush to DIY your own Jill Skellington shirt.
Check out this tutorial on creating a Jill Skellinton shirt that can easily be dressed
  up with a black tutu. 

Lastly, to get that signature collar that Jack has, snap-on our Black Feather Necklace to put the finishing touches on this classic Halloween look. 

Princess Poppy 

Pincess Poppy Pink Feather Necklace
Looking for something a little less boo? This charming take on Trolls’ Princess Poppy is a hairtastic choice for littles who want to dazzle! Colored hair sprays and glitter are easily found on every corner of your local grocery store during October.
Grab a couple of bottles of pink hair spray and that hair pick that’s had dust on it since the ’90s and get to teasing!
If your little’s hair isn’t quite long enough to tease high, then check out the super quick and easy tutorial on how to create your very own Troll hair!

And of course, add a blue dress and our Pink Feather Necklace to bring this look together. Your little one will certainly feel more snazzy than Lady Glitter Sparkles on Halloween night. 


Flaming-o-ween Pink Feather Necklace
Last but not least, we have the cutest look of all, The Flaming-O-Ween. 
With all the pink frills that your little one undoubtedly has in her closet, this look can easily be thrown together in a matter of minutes.

Adding the Pink Feather Necklace with a few extra embellishments and of course, FACE PAINT will allow your little to stand tall and be the Flock of the Block Party!


We know that all of you mammas, last-minute Millies or not,
will undoubtedly create Instagram worthy costumes that you’ll want to brag about until New Year’s Day. But in the event you were looking for a little inspiration, we hope that our 5 Feather Inspired Costumes help you create that Spook-tack-ular look you were going for.

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