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Uncommon Colors For The Holidays

Posted on November 21 2019

The Holiday Season. Need we say more?

Probably not but we totally are! 


Since November 1st, the excitement of the Holiday Season has been trickling in by way of commercials, store displays and of course, the crisp newness of the air. 

Uncommon Colors For The Holidays

Sure as you are reading this, a vivid picture of warm and cozy colors fill your head. Those tried and true Hallmark images are the ones we all grew up with. Poinsettia reds, crisp whites, and deep hunter greens are the colors of tradition.......and will always be a staple. 

But more than ever, young families are beginning to take a more whimsical, yet modern approach to their choice of color during the holidays.
With so many wonderful photos flooding our Instagram feed every day, we couldn't help but notice these trends. We want to share with you all how so many parents are using our products to create a unique look with these uncommon colors for the holidays. 


While this may not be the first choice of color for the holidays, Pink has quickly gained popularity over the past few years.  For young families with little gleaming eyes, choosing a pink-toned palette for your holiday home decor is a really exciting way to bring in the magic you are aiming for. 
Pink Tassel Necklace

Soft pink tones with touches of pastel orange and deep reds, can give a fresh new look to your Thanksgiving table.
Replace a few of those colors with accents of blues, and even pops of bright magenta and this look easily can transition from one holiday to the next; Turning your family room into an enchanted candy cottage wonderland. 
Don't forget about those family photos too! 
Pink Tassel Necklace

Using Pink accent pieces in your family holiday photo can be a fun new way to create eye-popping memories. Layer our pink tassel necklace with a navy blue dress to take your little one's holiday look up a notch. 


Okay okay, so maybe Ivory isn't so uncommon during the holidays but can certainly be used to pull a holiday look together. 

Ivory Tassel Neckalce

Animal Prints, Stripes, and Polka Dots. No matter the pattern, Ivory seems to segway these unusual prints into extraordinary holiday looks. 
Ivory Tassel Necklace

Using Ivory allows you to soften and give an airy feel to your look.
Whether it be your home decor or a last-minute family photoshoot, Ivory pieces, such as our Ivory Tassel Necklace, can be the piece to transition a typical spring look into a warm seasonal ensemble. 
Ivory Tassel Necklace


When you think of Lavender, you are immediately brought to a spring day with wildflowers and wispy grasses green and tall. But what if we told you that Lavender has decided to make an appearance during the fall?

That’s right, and it’s here to stay! 

Lavender Tassel Necklace

Let’s envision it for a second. Your tablescape for that holiday dinner you’ve been pining over for weeks is laid with a rich green garland, accented with sage leaves, pinecones, and springs of dried lavender.
With all that beautiful lavender, we can only hope that this is more than visually calming to look at. It is the holidays after all and what family dinner table couldn't use a little extra.......calming? (wink wink)
Lavender Tassel Necklace

Still doubting us? We didn't think so!
Lavender is in and has created itself a whole mood! 




When you think about “Holiday Color Stories” black may not even be on your radar, especially for your little. But as 2020 quickly approaches, a trendy must-have for many a mamma is Black. No more is Black the Labor Day White of Halloween.

Move over reds, there's a new tinsel in town. 

Black Licorice Tassel

In 2019, Black has lost its reputation for being moody and melancholy. But if that’s your mood, we see you!
Black has always been transitional for adults but has struggled to make its way into children’s apparel as a staple. So it is not so shocking that you are looking at us like (HUH?!?). 
Using black can go from rebellious fun to classic and sophisticated. Accenting black with eggplant and hunter green gives cozy, a chic new upgrade.
This year, our Black Licorice Tassel was one of our best sellers, oftentimes selling out upon every restock! 

You Guys…..Thank You So Much!!!!!!


As the holiday season kicks off and all your planning is underway, we hope to encourage you to try these out-of-the-box uncommon colors for your holiday season looks. Don’t forget to tag us, we want to see your styles! 



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